General & FAQs

Chukolo is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of service whilst regulating the project processes to mitigate against loss from both ends.
Chukolo has two major members, they are called ‘FREELANCER’ and ‘BUYER’. An account can be both, depending on your intention on the platform.
Anyone who has a skill and is willing to sell the value of that skill in form of rendering services.
Anyone that requires a form of service that Chukolo supports.
Chukolo accounts are operated on individual basis. An individual can operate both freelancer and buyer status on same account, but is not allowed to Operate a proxy account or have more than one account on the platform.
To rate the freelancer, the employer checks for timeliness in carrying out each task, quality of work/service, expertise, professionalism and communication. To rate the employer, the freelancer checks for payment promptness, professionalism, clear specifications and communication.
Chukolo wallet is your purse with Chukolo, where you pay and receive money depending on your transaction. You can also Withdraw at anytime from your wallet.
Depending on your membership type, you can withdraw money from your wallet into your bank account twice a week or on daily basis.
You can pay with a bank card or a bank deposit into your Chukolo account.
Before awarding a project the employer is expected to have the amount required for the project in the wallet, this is further broken down into milestone payments And is gradually released by the employer to the freelancer according to milestone completion.when the employer is 100% satisfied.
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